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Words are steps to human connections

However we now live in a world of: fake news, information overload, lack of trust, low profile networks, and wasting time.
How can we avoid the noise and really target what we want to learn?

iPressLIVE helps people to work better in the oldest sectors in the world: Publishing, Journalism, and Communication, helping readers and authors to connect.

  • Mario, manager - he wants know insight about his sector and increase the value of his network.
  • Francesca, startup founder – she wants to read the best articles on the startups ecosystem in the world and get in touch with authors, other founders and experts
  • Gloria, event manager, she’s an event manager who is looking for a solution to easily manage accreditations, speakers, press releases and live streaming for her events.
  • Luca, freelance - he wants to dedicate himself to writing, verifying his sources and find outlets and other journalists interested to publish his articles.
  • Michele, student – he’s writing his thesis and needs to find interesting sources and articles quickly.

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Through the use of our technology and the human touch, iPressLIVE connects you to only the highest quality information. You can get in touch with the best authors while you read.


Those who wish to communicate or organize events can try our premium functionality designed for communication and information professionals.

iPress reads thousands of sources every day for you and organizes them according to your interests

In Italian language, our system reads 20 sectors and nearly 400 topics and our readers select articles, books, posts and the best authors for you. In English, for now, we examine one sector, Technology, and 5 topics: Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G, Blockchain, Startup.

Today, we’re quickly integrating content in English. Offering the same categories that are available in Italian is not a question of if, but when.

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We invite you to test our platform in English, and send us feedback. The beta version is free